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Mar 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
the region. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, is monitoring the trip. >> right now, president obama and palestinian prime minister are visiting a youth center. thethe young people are the rean the palestinians and israels cannot give up on peace said the president. but there was no peace, israeli police say mill taps fired rockets into southern israel and you can see the damage if this video. no one was hurt. israeli tv is saying israel will respond to the rockets but they did not specify how or when. >> president obama has been if the west bank if several hours this morning and he and president abbas had a working lunch and the news conference. president abbas describes the talks as "good" and president obama says change is possible but it will take time. >> what is true in the united states can be true here as well. we can make the changes but they will be have to be determined. we have to counsel. -- we have to have courage and break out of the old arguments. >> in israel, president obama and israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, visited the jerusalem museum home to the dea
Mar 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
it, call police. >> president obama has arriveed in israel three hours ago making the first visit to the country since taking office. air force one landed in tel aviv around 3:15 and the president was welcomed by several israel leaders including president peres and prime minister binyamin netanyahu. the white house says the president is looking to reassure israelis that the united states is committed to supporting their country in the face of any throats. katie marzullo will have more on what is next for the president on his middle east trip coming up in the next half hour. >> the city of santa clara is doing everything it can to lure super bowl 50 to the new 49ers stadium in 2016 includes give up tax revenue. now live from santa clara to explain. >> the santa clara city council decided it can, indeed, afford to give up a variety of tax revenue, all financial demands imposed by the nfl. those demands require the city to give up 9.5 percent hotel tax on 350 rooms for nfl staff, a 10 percent ticket surcharge and 35 percent per ticket fee that funds senior and youth program and $4.54
Mar 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
the nation in rising home prices. >> new this morning, president obama pays tribute to victims of the holocaust. ahead, what is next for the commander in chief as he is ready to leave israel. >> a live look from highway 101 in the north bay where boulders have come down and are blocked all lanes of traffic headed to the golden gate bridge but now, traffic is getting through in the two left lanes. >> good morning, we have two separate sig-alerts. a live shot of sky 7, from the waldo tunnel. the tow truck is there hauling the cars away. boulders fell off the grade and on the road. cars obviously have slammed into them because they did not see it. it is very dark out there. c.h.p. is concerned the hill is unstable so they have two right lanes still coned off. you can get by in the two left lanes. this is southbound 101 coming from the waldo tunnel and the best alternate is to take either of golden gate ferry or the richmond san rafael bridge around to san francisco. and southbound 280, there is a fatal accident and c.h.p. and investigators are on the scene. the two right lanes, no
Mar 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
you how much and when. >>> president obama is back in the white house this morning following his four-day trip to the middle east. the president met with the leaders of israel, jordan and the palestinian authority during his visit in what has been hailed as a diplomatic breakthrough. he persuaded israel to apologize to turkey for a commando raid three years ago that killed nine activists. >>> the debate in washington over guns, same-sex marriage and immigration rages on. coming up on "this week" it's a clash of the titans. 2012 obama campaign manager faces off with former bush deputy chief of staff. the powerhouse round table takes on the issue. don't miss abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos right here at 8:00 on abc7. >>> the lights are back on across the bay this morning after they went out for an hour last night on purpose. it was part of a global effort to encourage people to think about conservation. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details on the earth hour. >> 8:30 the towers of the golden gate bridge went dark, the art installation on the bay bridge went dar
Mar 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
today, president obama is set to name a new secretary of labor. multiple media reports say that thomas perez from the justice department will be the president's nominee. he has strong support from latino and labor groups but he could run into problems from republicans at the confirmation hearing. some in the going believe his tenure at the justice department was influenced too much by political ideology. >> also from washington, dc, this morning, top republicans are reacting to the news that ohio republican senate portman now supports same-sex marriage. port map made the announcement you may recall on friday, saying he had a change of heart because his son is gay. >> on this week with george stephanopolis, speaker boehner said he is still opposed to same-sex marriage. >> i believe that maker is -- marriage is the union of one man and a woman. it is what i grew up with. what i believe. it is what my church teams me. i cannot imagine that position would ever change. >> speaker boehner added that while portman is a good friend and a long-time ally. >> trading is underway in wall street in
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
poll finds 53 percent of americans believe going into iraq was a big mistake. >> president obama's approval rating is now below 50 percent. a new international survey finds that only 47 percent of americans now approve of the president's job performance, the first time the president's approval rates is below 50 percent since september. also new this morning, asian markets bounce back after losses on monday, the japanese nikkei and the kospi closed up. over the weekend the plan to bail out cyprus banks caused worries there could be massive bank runs and the fears seem to be receding. trading is underway in less than 15 minutes. we will check with jane king live at the new york stock exchange at:45. >> i don't go retail cher has stored in the bay area will start down after the stock tumbled yesterday after the company announced they pulling pants from store shelves because they are see through. hallelujah -- lulu lemon stock says this affects pantses that are too shear and is offering refunds to customers. the problem will create a product shortage in the fors for now. >> the best
Mar 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
. no questions asked. >>> new this morning, president obama is closing out his four-day trip in the middle east in jordan. his trip trent end u.s. bonds with israel but it left some palestinians angry. they say president obama is playing favorites and he needs to more strongly condemn israel's settlements on palestinian land. in his weekly address he's calling on congress to focus on domestic issues. he's calling on congress to vote on three gun control measures that would ban high-capacity gun mig deans and fund school security and crackdown on gun trafficking. >> these ideas shouldn't be controversial. they are supported by a majority of the american people and i urge the senate and the house to give them each a vote. >>> a few hours ago the senate passed its first budget in four years, approving a $3.7 billion spending plan for next year. the 50-49 vote ended a growling all-night debate. no republicans voted for the package and that sets up contentious negotiations with the republican-dominated house in april to reconcile what are two vastly different plans for dealing with the deficit. the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7